The Spa at Kok Baapcalar

Kapok Bacalar is a place to heal and renew. From the flow of the property to the delicious plant-based meals prepared, the spa at Kapok Bacalar was just the perfect- organic addition.  Our spa offers a wide menu to choose from. From traditional Maya rituals and treatments, energy healing, to exhilarating ceremonies, you can rest assured that you will come out of any treatment or ceremony with a cleansed body, spirit, and mind. 


Below find a list of treatments, rituals, and activities offered below: 



A Temazcal is a traditional Maya sweat lodge that was considered a sacred place for the elemental powers of nature. Its purpose is to help to detoxify the body and purify the mind; to release the past and be open to welcoming the future. 

A Temazcal ceremony is more than just a steam bath. This ceremony covers physical, mental, and spiritual elements. It is led by a Temazcalero or Temazcalera, who guides the ceremony by respecting and following ancient traditions. 


There are daily yoga classes available. Classes offered include:

  • Hatha yoga
  • Kundalini yoga
  • Vinyasa Flow 

These are practiced in our Temple of Balance. 

Individual sessions are available upon request.


Meditation is a great technique that can be used to reduce stress, promote happiness and inner peace, and maintain a positive outlook on life. Learn mindfulness and relaxation skills rooted in ancient traditions by following simple directions that will benefit you for life. 


Janzu healing is a deeply therapeutic and relaxing therapy allowing a transformational rebirth experience. While floating in the pristine waters of the clear lagoon, you will take on a deep flowing journey into different states of consciousness. Here you release tension held in the muscles and joints and connect with primordial memories enabling emotional blocks to be released, leaving a feeling of renewal and liberation. 

Fire ceremonies

In traditional Mayan fire rituals, beautiful offerings are made and consumed by fire, evoking awareness, and connection to all surroundings. Fire ceremonies are considered the center of the Mayan spiritual practices. Here, we make our offerings for all that we’ve received in our lives, for what we wish to repair, and where we ask for our desires. 

Shamanic breathwork

Known as pranayama in yoga practice, one of the most effective tools on the road to self-awareness, shamanic breathwork is the process of controlled breathing through meditation practice. For thousands of years, shamans have developed breathing techniques to raise their awareness and maximize their health and well-being.

Sound journey with ancestral vibrations | Sound healing

Sound healing is the use of sacred instruments and voices to release energetic obstructions and achieve a state of lightness and harmony in the body. Reactivate your ancient memories, heal, and balance your cells. 

At Kapok, experience a wealth of vibrating sound waves that help release accumulated tension and emotional luggage while balancing your emotional body. 

Music as alternative medicine has the function of healing cells through vibrations and frequencies as well as releasing you from negative charges, stress, depression, and unconscious thoughts.

Allow yourself to heal through this beautiful medicine by experiencing a multi-sensory journey.

Benefiting the BALANCE of your whole being. 

We are Vibration

Reiki energy healing

This therapy is designed to provide clarity and direction, heal emotional and mental obstructions, and help you better understand your true nature and purpose in life. Reiki is about creating balance and harmony.

Ecstatic dance

An inner dialogue that includes the body as a messenger.

It is body and symbol, it is an awakened presence, a ritual witness, a source of knowledge that, with continued practice, promotes the liberation of self-blockages and personal growth. 

This dance helps to bring to consciousness the energetic channeling of your own conduits or channels for redistribution.

Connect with the heart through the Adi Shakti dance.

Shakti is the feminine divinity, creative mother, represented by the kundalini energy that lies at the base of our spine. Through this dance, we invoke Shakti to ascend through the main chakras until it reaches the sixth chakra (between the eyebrows) and merges with Shiva or Pure Consciousness.

This form of dance is usually performed in our Temple of Balance.


Cacao Ceremony

In the spirit of ancient tradition, this sacred circle and celebration revolve around the sharing of cacao elixirs known as “food of the Gods.” It is considered a sacred heart opener.

Connect with the energy of cacao medicine and immerse yourself in attention to the body and presence in-breath, exploration, and expression. Reconnect with your emotions, listen to the adult and inner child in you, discover your hidden capacities, and explore your creativity. Acknowledge your fears, resistances, and judgments while observing and releasing in a purposeful and loving way.

Circle of women and medical chants

We create a sacred space, a uterus, where we nurture with the warmth of the fire, the being in essence.

We reconnect with our wild and free woman through medicinal chants and different dynamics. 

Dynamics: Ovarian breathing – Dances – Therapeutic Insanity.

Languages: Spanish-English


Ice bath | Fire heated tub | Massages

Energetic limpia and Mayan massage

A 2-hour ritual in which you will experience ancestral healing that magnifies energetic channels and liberates physical and emotional tension. 

Energetic Limpia is a cleanse performed using copal smoke therapy and healing herbs. Mayan massage includes hot stones, deep tissue, Swedish massage, and reflexology.

Mayan Clay therapy

Maya clay has long been used in bathing rituals as a natural means of detoxifying and mineralizing the body in the Maya tradition. Exfoliate the body with Maya Clay and massage deep into the skin to stimulate and rejuvenate the skin and internal organs before diving into the ​​lagoon.

*We do not use clay from the lagoon.  

Wim hof therapy with ancestral sound journey

The healing properties of water were well understood by the ancient Mayans. The herbal bath was used to purify the body and soul. Prayer was often said to the person while they were bathing.

Rapid changes in the circulatory system occur during the transition from very warm water to very cold water, improving cardiovascular functions. Blood vessels open and close in a pulsing, pump-like motion when the body immerses and feels the drastic change in temperatures. Some supporters believe that this pumping action helps relieve the symptoms of various injuries. Additionally, cold exposure as a meditation technique helps overcome fears.

Wim Hof is a natural method to improve the health and well-being of people, which combines specific breathing techniques, exposure to extreme cold, meditation techniques, and physical exercises.

Benefits of this practice, the accumulation of brown adipose tissue, fat loss, fortification of the immune system, the balancing of hormone levels, improved sleep quality, and the production of endorphins, which improve mood.

Your conscious breathing system increases blood oxygen levels, providing more energy, lower stress levels, and increased immune response to pathogens.

This therapy combines Win Hof therapy and an ancestral sound journey. Stellar Sound healing. 

Duration depends on the number of people: 

1 hour

2 hours





Pedro Antonio Santos, Bacalar, Quintana Roo





Pedro Antonio Santos, Bacalar, Quintana Roo